Conflicts are unfortunately part of our daily lives, whether we are talking about family, friends and/or work colleagues.

We are sure you can tell us lots of examples of bigger or smaller conflicts. Have you ever thought that all these conflicts could be solved in an easy and practical and advantageous way for yourself?

In personal or business life, people DISAGREE.. And sometimes these disagreements can DEVELOP into arguments, creating a CONFLICT situation.

Dealing with Conflicts is specialised training that is designed to help you to deal with those difficult, EMOTIONAL CONFLICT situations, in a more RATIONAL, CALM and PROFESSIONAL manner.
The important question is: how well do you handle conflict situations? Some people mishandle conflict by coming on too strong. Others are not strong enough. Some people run away and hide from all conflict situations.

The solution to conflict is to develop a rational approach to all people and all problems. Use reason, as opposed to either a high-emotional approach or avoidance.
If you want to improve your abilities as a conflict manager, then you need to reserve your place on this popular one day training course.

About the course

Sometimes, people do the wrong things and you need to give them, what you might call, Negative feedback: or Constructive criticism. The problem is: most people don’t like GIVING criticism: and they certainly don’t like RECEIVING criticism.

So then, you find yourself STUCK in a conflict situation. All conflict situations need to be HANDLED carefully – therefore you need to have a good method for HANDLING conflict situations. You need a rational approach to conflict management.

This one day Dealing with Conflicts training is designed to demonstrate and teach correct conflict management principles: it is designed to help you to manage any conflict situation: It provides a reference point to enable you to deal with conflicts in a CLEAR, RATIONAL, assertive, and non-aggressive manner.

Dealing with Conflicts Course Objectives

On this course, you will learn exactly how to HANDLE conflict situations and DIFFICULT people.

You will learn what to do:
• If you believe that the conflicts may sometimes be based on a miscommunication
• If you have to HANDLE STRONG, CONFIDENT characters that you find difficult to deal with
• If you have to HANDLE MOODY, EMOTIONAL characters that you also find DIFFICULT
• If you sometimes lose your TEMPER and make the conflict situation worse – not better, by saying too much
• If you leave it and just hope the situation will resolve itself
• If you wait and wait and wait….and then let rip!
• If you sometimes say to yourself “I know what I mean but I can’t explain it”
• If you are unsure when it is right and when it is NOT right, to compromise
• If any of the above descriptions fit you, then the course will be a benefit.

Benefits of this course

• You will FEEL more confident during all conflict situations.
• You will GET the best possible result from the situation with the minimum energy, in the shortest possible time.
• You will avoid all the expense, perils and emotional turmoil of a badly managed conflict situation.
• You will FEEL HAPPY to HANDLE conflict situations involving even the most difficult people.

The training method follows this general pattern:

• the training is interactive and innovative:
• The trainer gives a clear explanation of the point in question with specific examples.
• Then, the delegates practice by doing an exercise with each other.
• The delegates practice by doing exercise with the trainer.
• Delegates are asked to write down an associated action, for each point made.

Dealing With Conflicts Training – 2017 January 25

Duration: one day
Minimum number of attendees: 8
Last date for registration: 2017 January 23
Location: Budapest, Hungary, The Three Corners Hotel Bristol
English Level: minimum B2 Intermediate

Fee: 35.000 Ft + VAT

To enroll to our training please send us an email to or use the Registration form

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For more information please contact us:

+36 70 394 5336

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