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Lineo Business Trainings

"a life changing experience!"

Welcome to Lineo Business Trainings page.

Our management training courses are designed to give you both an effective theory together with the practical skills necessary to put the theory into practice.
The training style is practical, interactive and keeps the delegates involved throughout the whole training. (No dead spots).

However if you are sure that non of the course is right for you, we will be very happy to discuss your specific goals and to work with you to put together a bespoke programme.

Please call us on +36 70 394 5336 to discuss your requirements for the in house training course.

If you want to know more about any Management Training Course or their suitability for you or a colleague call us on +36 70 394 5336 or email us:

All trainings are available in English, Hungarian or Romanian language.

Leadership and Management Training

Develop your leadership and management skills to the next level!
The training purpose would be to improve the personal skills of the leaders and managers, to be better equipped to get the best performance from themselves and the rest of the team.
The two day course will make you feel more confident, self-assured and motivated. You will gain and practice new skills: Goal setting, the proper use of language, delegating, giving constructive criticism and how to motivate yourself and others.

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Goal Setting, Communication and Conflict Training

Goal focus is the common theme that is shared by all successful teams and individuals.
Success means the achievement of a worthwhile and valuable goal. Therefore, goal setting is the first step to goal achievement; because you cannot achieve a goal you never set.
Once you have set the goal, then you need to communicate it to the others; because you need the others’ cooperation, in order to achieve the goal. Now, the level of your communication skills becomes very important.

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Conflict Management Training

At work, people disagree. And sometimes these disagreements can develop into arguments; creating a conflict situation.

Conflict management is specialised training that is designed to help you to deal with those difficult, emotional conflict situations, in a more rational, calm and professional manner.
The important question is: how well do you handle conflict situations? Some people mishandle conflict by coming on too strong. Others are not strong enough. Some people run away and hide from all conflict situations.

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Communication Skills Training

Would you say that you already have perfect communication skills?
Would you agree that you could improve your communication skills?
And if you improved your communication skills, do you think you would benefit from that improvement?

Communication is the art of transferring your ideas, your information and emotions into the minds of others.

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Time Management Training

Are you in need of help with your time management?
Do you find that you are often very busy, but don’t always make enough progress?

So you’re on line looking for a good time management course that will show you exactly how to make more progress in less time.

This unique time management training will show you exactly how to improve your performance; by dropping old bad habits and replacing them with new time management techniques.

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Team Building Training

You need your team to be working as a unified and self-reinforcing group; not as a group of fragmented or warring sets.

Unfortunately, some teams fail simply because they do not act as a self-reinforcing group.
Some teams don’t perform well because they contain too many people who don’t want to cooperate; and you may have seen this type of internal struggling in your team, which can have a negative effect on the performance of the team as a whole. And that represents a problem.

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Personal Effectiveness Training

Personal effectiveness is a measure of your ability to get the best performance from yourself and others. Remember that you are not necessarily paid for how much effort you make.

Instead, you are judged primarily on your ability to make progress towards the achievement of your goals with the minimum expenditure of money, time and effort.
And you are paid partly on how well you can gain the cooperative assistance of others.

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Personal Development Training

Would you like to develop your personal and professional skills?

This course can help you: in two ways:
1. By helping you to clarify your thoughts regarding certain elements of your work and speech habits and
2. By, wherever necessary, showing you specific methods that will help you to improve your technique.

This comprehensive training will help you by showing you a set of methods that will allow you to rapidly improve your performance, both at work and at home.

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Other Trainings

We have an extensive selection of courses that we have written especially for our clients.
The next trainings can be book separate or combined with our main trainings. Please contact us to find together what course it’s “The Best” for your organisation.

• Achievement Focus Training
• Appraisal and Goal Setting Training
• Assertiveness Skills Training
• Coaching and Mentoring Training
• Coaching Skills Training
• Communication Skills Training
• Customer Service Training
• Emotional Intelligence Training
• Feedback Skills Training
• Fundamental Management Skills Training
• Handling Difficult People
• Hospitality Sector Training

• Intercultural Communication Training
• Interview Technique Training
• Negotiation Skills Training
• Presentation Skills Training
• Problem Solving Training
• Recruiting and Interviewing Techniques
• Release your Sales Potential Training
• Sales Training – The Power to Influence
• Senior Management Training
• Train the Trainer Course
• Work-life Balance and Stress Management

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