Life Coaching

Life Coaching. A life-leading guidance.

Balanced life, better life quality – coaching helps a person to achieve their own happiness and balance in any fields of life.

With the help of coaching, we can easily recognize those barriers in ourselves which may prevent us from achieving the balance and discover new perspectives. It is essential to work out an effective plan and tools so that we can achieve our aims.
Our clients know that taking part in life coaching is the best investment to achieve a successful life.

Life coaching:

• gives a chance to accomplish personal projects and achieve professional goals
• creates new possibilities for you to reach your dreams and defeat those barriers, which prevent you from your personal happiness. It is you who will want the changes in your private life and do your best to achieve your goals
• with the help of it, we will be able to manage our life and avoid repeating the same mistakes from time to time, we can live a happier and more complete life
• it has a long-lasting and outstanding effect on our life, we can look through our whole life and define from which part of it the balance is missing and how we can turn away the barriers, how we can lead a balanced life

When does coaching help?

• your life has got onto a downhill and you cannot find the brake, with which you can stop it
• you are worried about your future
• you have unsolved problems, which cause conflicts in your family life or work
• you want to achieve new successes
• you are lonely
• you feel that your surroundings do not understand you
• you are looking for a partner
• you want to divorce, but you have not decided it yet
• you cannot see exactly where your life is going
• you would like to get a clear self picture of you

How can I help you

Health and Wellness Coaching

We can focus on reducing stress, creating more balance in your life, making healthy diet choices, and finding an exercise program you’ll follow so you can improve your health and feel better. You may be interested in “Walk and Talk” coaching, where I coach you while we go for a walk. When you are feeling fit and trim, you’ll have more energy, feel more comfortable in your body and feel better about the other areas of your life too.

Time Management

Learn to be more effective during your day. I have helped people “add” hours to their day by managing their time, prioritizing, getting organized, and eliminating activities that aren’t helping them get what they want. What would you do if you found yourself with more time during your day? How would your life be different if you felt organized, timely, and more in control?

Confidence Building

Using Coaching and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), this type of coaching works on your “inner game.” We can take the confidence you have in one aspect of your life and bring it to another area where you want more confidence and trust in yourself. I’ve had terrific success with NLP for CEOs and executives who do public speaking, managers and individual contributors who make presentations, and those who are successful in their careers and want to be equally successful in social situations.

Couples Coaching

You will have an opportunity to explore the dynamics of your relationship. Through coaching you will better understand each other’s perspective, needs and desires, and expand your understanding of each other. We will look at how you can support each other in times of conflict and make your relationship grow. Once you agree on a vision of how you want your relationship to look, you can take the steps to get there.

Team Coaching

In organisations, the situation is different than with individuals: there is a group of co-workers that need to work together on a long-term basis, creating leadership and social structures. I endeavour to develop a team towards a more harmonious cooperation and communication within the given context. After team coaching, the team is able to work together towards common goals.

In a good team, the team building happens constantly and by the team members themselves. The team players remind each other of agreements that were made and work together effectively. Conflicts and hindrances to cooperation are solved within the group, with respect for each others values.

I look at and play with the group dynamics to solve conflicts and tensions. Group members are trained to coach one another and solve conflicts independently.

Coaching for teenagers

Teenagers deal with a variety of overstress ranging from family relationships, to expectations at school, to peer pressure, to the pressure they put on themselves. We can come up with strategies for reducing stress and anxiety and set goals for the future so teens can begin to take control of where they want their lives to go.

Coaching for parents

Learn to be more effective and actually enjoy parenting. Once we clearly define your goals as a parent and your vision for your relationship with your child(ren), we can come up with strategies and steps you can take to be the parent you want to be. As a parent of a boy and a girl as well as a coach for many parents, I can use both personal and professional experience to help you be a successful parent.

Athletic and test performance

Using the latest brain technology, we can take the confidence you have in one area of your life and “program” your brain so you can access those capabilities whenever you want to perform at your best. We will use Coaching and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) so you can control when you want peak performance for athletic events and tests.

Tools and Techniques

GROW Model

I often use the GROW coaching model (Sir John Whitmore) to structure the sessions. The GROW coaching model is a proven model that leads to a clear end result in four stages. It’s a hands-on way of evolving: from reflection to insight into one’s reality, to defining a goal, researching options and maximizing motivation to make a change.
G – goals
R – reality
O – options
W – wrapup, what (will you do)

SMART Goals Method

SMART goals bring structure and accountability into goals. Instead of vague resolutions, SMART goals create verifiable trajectories towards a given goal, with clear milestones and an estimation of feasability. Every goal, whether it be an intermediary step in a greater plan or a goal in itself, can be turned SMART and increase its chances of becoming reality.
Why not think of a small goal you want to set right now, personal or professional. To make your goal S.M.A.R.T., it needs to conform to the following criteria: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.


Language is a random model that reflects our subjective experience (an experience that is, in itself, a filter of the infinite elements that compose reality). That means that the same experience can be lived and encoded differently through diverse linguistic models. The meta model is a collection of semantic structures that allow us to identify three processes: omissions, generalizations and distortions. It’s also a set of questions that allow you to complete and correct these omissions, generalizations and distortions.

7C method

The Seven C’s described are:

1. Client – Understand the person and the problem
2. Clarity – Unearth the symptoms and roots of the issue
3. Create – Generate a solution
4. Change – Deliver the solution
5. Confirm – Make sure it works
6. Continue – Ensure it will be suitable
7. Close – Celebrate and say goodbye


NLP Hypnosis


Relationship Coaching

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Parents-Child Mediation


Shadow Coaching

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Intercultural Coaching

NLP Time Line Therapy

NLP Time Line Therapy