Do you want to constructively deal with the changes from your personal and/or professional life?
Do you want to reach a greater level of personal or professional attainment?

Let me assist you to Identify, Clarify and Create a vision for your future based on your Goals, Personality and Vision.

Marta S. Toth

Certified Life & Business Coach (ICF)
International NLP Trainer (International Licensed by John Grinder & Frank Pucelik, International Accredited by ANLP & ABNLP)
Business Trainer (International Licensed by John Grinder and Frank Pucelik)
Personal and Business Developer
Master Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy Practitioner (International Accredited by ABNLP)
Trainer of Personal Development Programs (International Licensed by John Grinder and Frank Pucelik)
International Trainer and Lecturer
Certified & Accredited Mediator (Conflict resolution)
Motivational Speaker, Communication Specialist
Founder of Coaching, NLP & Mediation International Academy by S. Toth Marta
Founder and GM of Lineo International Consulting Ltd.

S Toth Marta - Life Coach, Business Coach, NLP Trainer, Mediator Budapest Hungary

“We are also humans; we have our everyday lives, celebrations, joys and challenges.
What perhaps makes us more is that we have learnt from our mistakes and we treat the world and the people with a humble, open and loving approach.”

My clients

I work with clients from all walks of life who are facing a variety of issues and tackling a range of problems. However, despite their differences and particular concerns, my clients share some important similarities:
– they are not satisfied with the status-quo
– they want to feel differently about their lives and their future
– they are willing to examine what really matters to them even if it’s hard

Among my clients are individuals who are:

– seeking clarity and resolution
– evaluating their life/career options
– facing difficult career choices
– tackling return-to-work/retraining anxieties
– have relationship concerns
– seeking to gain deeper self-understanding and acceptance
– determined to make the most out of life
– considering coaching as a career for them

My work

I coach only outstanding individuals who are committed to creating a level of success in their lives that most people can only dream about.
I adapt my services according with your needs, helping you to reach the full potential.
If you are successful, ambitious and ready to achieve your next level whether it’s Life Coaching, Business Coaching or NLP, I am CONVINCED you’ll benefit from one of my tailored and specialist services.

Step Forward to Success!

My Services


NLP Hypnosis


Relationship Coaching

Child sad because of parents fight

Parents-Child Mediation


Shadow Coaching

Leadership Coaching


Intercultural Coaching

NLP Time Line Therapy

NLP Time Line Therapy

About Marta S. Toth

Marta S. Toth is our most senior trainer on board. She is the trainer of choice for UNICEF, top executives, conflict resolution specialists/negotiators, professional athletes.
Marta is the founder of the Coaching, NLP and Mediation Academy and of the trademarked Lineo Coaching method. Her international success as a Coach and Trainer is underpinned by her unique ability to unlock the potential of every student. She is a charismatic presenter who engages you with her heart while you are being grappled with the content.

Marta S. Toth had worked in the media for eight years before she became the external national manager for Studio Moderna LTD in Central Europe for four years. Then for a further three years, she was managing Dutch and English companies (Power Plate International) in the area. She also created her own firm which since has been providing HR and organization development advices to Hungarian and other nations’ firms and creates commercials. In the last five years, she has been managing business projects and her academy in Hungary. She has won numerous international competitions working as a coach and mediator. She has been added to the encyclopaedia called the ‘’Who is Who in Hungary’ which contains outstandingly successful people’s biography.

She founded Lineo International Consulting Ltd in 2010. She came up with the idea of the overall business strategy and setting the short and long-term goals of the business. As an executive leader, she performs the daily tasks of functioning, maps the new business possibilities and directions, and develops sales and marketing strategy. Besides these things, she works as a life and business coach, mediator and teacher. In addition, she continues the international work she has started in 2004 as a personal and organizational developer. She was the pioneer of the foundation process of functioning for Coaching at NLP and Mediation Academy, the methodology of Lineo Coaching today’s a trademark.
In 2014, she founded Lineo International Consulting Ltd in London.
As a recognition of her professional knowledge, she has been awarded with several international prizes. In 2010, she became a member of the International Coach Federation and a member of Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming in 2014. Since then she is a member of the board of National Mediation Association.

Marta obtained her first diploma in 1991 in Budapest; she became a certified guide and travel bureau manager. She continued her studies at Bálint György Journalist Academy, then at Kodolányi János College, she graduated in communication and media. From 2006, she continued her MBA studies at Codecs University of Bucharest. After that, she did not stop studying; in 2010, she attended a postgraduate training at Hungarian Coach Association in Budapest, where she became a national and international accredited coach and mediator. She started her studies on the field of NLP, now she is a NLP Trainer (ANLP certified), Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner and Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

„Sometimes, it’s really hard to accept things. Life challenged me several times, tried to make me lose my faith: it is worth being good and true. I hold onto my belief that it is worth to love life, people and it is worth to trust in them. To live all moments and minutes of Life’s completeness of beauty and goodness, even when it seems to be difficult.” – says Marta.

About her personal life she says: „I got married young then I divorced. However, eleven years ago I found my other half, I always wake up and go to sleep happily on my husband’s side, and I also have a 21 years old son, who is outstandingly smart, successful and tendentious, and our relationship is great.” The manager also added that she had to go through a long and bumpy road to have the feeling of satisfaction: „I did it, that’s why I know it’s possible.” She says that’s what gives her power every day: teaching coaching, NLP and mediation.”

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