Team Building Training

1 day course

You need your team to be working as a unified and self-reinforcing group; not as a group of fragmented or warring sets.
Unfortunately, some teams fail simply because they do not act as a self-reinforcing group.
Some teams don’t perform well because they contain too many people who don’t want to cooperate; and you may have seen this type of internal struggling in your team, which can have a negative effect on the performance of the team as a whole. And that represents a problem.

What is the solution to the problem?
The solution could be this unique team building training day.
This special team building training day will help you build your team into a cooperative union of people, who will work together to achieve your goals.
This unique team building day is NOT about playing silly games on the lawn, nor riding quad bikes in the rain.

Instead, this team building day is more about improving the quality of the communication, improving the prioritisation and organisation of work and especially, how to create and sustain a positive mental attitude in every member of the team. This course is about building skills: it is about creating and sustaining a positive team spirit.

About the Course

Bespoke In House Training – We can tailor the content to fit your specific needs.

Purposes of this Team Building Course

This team building course:
• To make plain the attributes of all successful teams.
• To measure your team against the model of a successful team.
• To identify your team’s existing strengths and to make the most of them.
• To identify your team’s relative weaknesses and to take steps to improve them.
• To set out the clear principles upon which we can all agree and to use them as shared common basis that will be the foundation of successful team action.
• To improve the way we communicate within the team and with outside agencies.
• To improve the atmosphere in the team to make it more positive, purposeful and well organised.

Benefits of this Team Building Skills Training Course

The benefits of this unique team building course:
• Your team will more readily rally around a shared purpose.
• Your team will communicate in ways that enhance the transfer of information and improve the sense of rational optimism.
• You will get the best possible results by releasing more of the untapped potential that exists within the team.
• You will avoid all the perils and costs of a poor team spirit.
• You will create a successful team spirit that will be more able to achieve the goals set for it.

We will discuss about:
The three qualities of all successful teams
What is the purpose of the team?
What are the standards by which we can all agree to live?
How do we define our goals in specific terms?
How do we define our key terms?
How do we organise our tasks and time?
How to create a positive team atmosphere
Three basic forms of negative team atmosphere
Three basic forms of positive team atmosphere
The success formula for all progressive teams

The importance of praise appreciation and good humour

The Training Method

All our trainings are based on the Lineo CoachingTM unique and innovative method of teaching. Lineo CoachingTM was developed by Marta S. Toth and combine knowledge and techniques of Coaching, NLP and Mediation.
Read more about Marta.

The training method follows this general pattern – the training is very interactive and inovative:
• The trainer gives a clear explanation of the point in question with specific examples.
• Then, the delegates practice by doing an exercise with each other.
• The delegates practice by doing exercise with the trainer.
• Delegates are asked to write down an associated action, for each point made.

Training Details

Please note all our training courses include two coaching sessions for each participants. The coaching sessions can be 1-on-1 (in our office), via telephone or Skype.

We offer Team Building Training as a one day in house course (two days training it’s also available). However if this course is not exactly right for you, we will be very happy to discuss your specific goals and to work with you to put together a bespoke programme.

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