For Individuals

Shadow Coaching is a real time observation of how a manager and/or supervisor conducts her/(him)self on the job. It provides an opportunity for the coach as an independent professional to work with the client in a way that enables the client to further develop the skills needed in their multi-faceted role. Shadow coaching can also assist with developing communication skills, relationships with staff and uncovering unconscious behaviours.

Shadow Coaching provides one way for clients to go below the surface into the core dynamics of a situation, illuminating the truth of the moment and making decisions that move people forward.Shadow Coaching is a real time learning approach in developing a refined self-awareness and capabilities in the workplace as a result of reflection on practice. It enables people, not only to benefit from the continuous presence of an observing coach over an extended period of time in a typical set of workdays, but also develops their own role as self-observer for the long term.
Shadow Coaching is observational, situational, in ‘real-time’. Two minds working as one increasing awareness and implementing change on the spot.
This type of coaching is ideally suited to organizational leaders who must make decisions and act adaptively in intense work environments. Shadow coaching involves partnering with clients in their work environments and brings another experienced and fresh perspective that helps to identify problematic dynamics, work habits and assumptions that impede effectiveness.

Shadow Coaching attends to the individual, social, relational and environmental aspects of the client\’s ‘world’.

For Companies

Shadow coaching increases the ability to focus and slow thought processes down, making self-examination of detailed activities, combined with input and feedback, a comfortable and successful experience.

This type of coaching works particularly well in areas of high turbulence and intensive decision-making – such as safety-critical environments and post-traumatic event recovery, where re-building leadership and team communications and confidence are vital.

Shadow Coaching is offered in both 1-1 and team modes, or a combination of both. It can also be combined with one of our NLP training programs.


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