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Life & Business Coach Courses Malta

Become a Professional Life Coach!

6 days intensive course. Starts on 11th of December, 2023

Small groups of 5-10 students.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a creative partnership with your client, focusing on designing and implementing specific, meaningful changes in your client’s personal and/or professional life.
Coaches assist people from all walks of life, including executives, business owners, sales people and anyone else with the desire to reach for their goals and unlock their true potential.

A Coach is a client’s ultimate ally. They are singularly focused on working with their client to establish better goals, inspire them to achieve more, empower them with the practical and philosophical tools to do so, motivate them to sustain focus and steer them towards success.

Coaches assist clients to develop a plan to bridge the gap between where the client is now and where the client would like to be. Client goals can vary a great deal from personal goals such as attaining a greater level of personal fulfilment; professional goals such as achieving certain business benchmarks; sporting goals such as attaining a level of competence and achievement; and family goals which may include leading a more stress-free family life. A professionally trained Coach can empower their client to attain all this and more in their lives.

Solution Focused

Moving your client towards their desired future outcomes, instead of concentrating on past experiences or reasons for present dissatisfaction.


Understanding the holistic nature of your client, seeing how positive change can fit into their bigger picture.

Client Centered

Trusting your client’s inner resources and skills, respecting their agenda and future outcomes. Coaching is an advice free zone.

Action Oriented

Pursuing change in specific, inspired steps that lead to fundamental shifts in attitude, behavior and habit formation.

The coaching process addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in the client’s personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.

Life Coaching is a designed alliance between coach and client where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to you, the client. We believe that you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside.

Why Become a Life Coach

Being a Life Coach is about supporting people to make meaningful change in their lives. Change that inspires people to follow their dream career path, improve their health and well being, release their fears and embrace their creativity, spirituality and highest self, improve their self-confidence and self-love, and become the person they most want to be.
It is a privileged, beautiful and life affirming work.


Unlike therapists and counselors, coaches don’t focus on the childhood or past experiences that might be the root of the way a person lives or feels. Instead we assist our clients to get clear on what they want in the future, why they want it, and how they are going to achieve it.

Consultants diagnose the needs of an organization or individual and offer their own solutions based on their specialized expertise to ‘fix’ the problem; solutions which they often implement for the client as well. Coaches use tools and process to assist our clients to generate their own solutions and then hold them accountable for following through.

Someone new to coaching might hear the word “coach” and think football, but sports coaches generally are in charge, setting the goals and the path to victory. Teaching, correcting, and managing are all skills a sports coach would use. Professional life, business or executive coaching is the opposite, it’s the client who sets the goals.

The value of business coaching from Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

You Have The Power To Change People’s Lives

As a trained Life Coach you will have the skills to bring about positive change in peoples lives. Life Coaching is a powerfully fulfilling career. You will be able to assist clients overcome seemingly impossible barriers to fulfill lifelong ambitions.

Clearly, developing your skills now and qualifying with an international qualification will position you to service this growing business and community wide trend. You’ll be able to take advantage of this high demand for coaching services and springboard your career and lifestyle to new heights of enjoyment, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Your New Skills

These new skills are the cornerstones you need to start coaching people to reach their full potential.

1. Creating Trust With Others

Coaching provides a safe and supportive environment that produces on-going mutual respect and trust. As a coach, you will learn how to quickly build rapport with your clients using simple yet powerful tools such as backtracking. Backtracking allows you to clarify your understanding of new information, while offering the client greater awareness of their thoughts.

2. Going Beyond Just Hearing

Coaching goes way beyond just hearing what people are saying; it stretches into syntax, tone of voice, and body language. As a coach, you will learn how to view the world through your client’s perspective, to understand the meaning of what they say in the context of their values and goals. Active listening is an incredibly important step towards better communication skills.

3. Really Powerful Questioning

Coaching is only about moving forward, not looking backward. As a coach, you will use open-ended questions every day to evoke discovery, insight, commitment and action that moves your clients forward. Open-ended questioning is a simple concept that shifts your conversations from plain and boring to expansive and thought provoking.

4. Bullet Proof Goal Settings

Coaching opens the door to a new, extremely powerful kind of goal setting. As a coach, you will become outcome orientated, always evaluating if your client is on track and taking action to reach their goal. Coaches use S.M.A.R.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, relevant and timely) goal setting to ensure total understanding and accountability.

5. Designing Positive Actions

Coaching systematically explores specific concerns and opportunities that are central to the client’s agreed goals. As a coach, you will help clients prioritize issues and guide them through difficult decisions. Remember, coaching does NOT mean giving advice. Real coaches empower their clients to identify positive action on their own. Mastery of designing actions opens a whole new dimension in the way you create long-term success.

6. Assuring Accountability

Coaching instills long-term positive change. As a coach, you will use precise time management tools to promote your client’s self-discipline and hold them accountable for the results of intended actions. Changing attitudes and behavior to reach agreed goals is significantly easier when accountability is present.

How much you can ask for a Coaching session

(average prices in US and Western Europe)

Personal Clients
Business Owners

Your Journey

We’re here to help you reach your goal of coaching people to reach their full potential.


We expand our minds to reach the peak of our careers. Before diving into coach training, ask yourself what you want to achieve…Do you want higher self-esteem and higher income? What does my future look like once I’ve reached the peak of my career? What inner fears do I need to overcome to reach total job satisfaction? The clearer you are on what you want, the more that coach training can help you achieve it.


We do enrollment a bit differently here. All our enrollment advisors are professional coaches. They’ve been in your shoes. They will ask you powerful questions to help you uncover how coach training will help you reach the peak of your career, have higher self-esteem and job satisfaction.


To provide you with the most flexibility possible, we have designed an intensive program of 7 days. During the program you will learn the fundamental tools, skills and approaches that empower you to deliver excellent coaching. Practice makes perfect; that’s why we encourage you to start coaching as soon as you have finished the course.

How our students use the knowledge after the course

use coaching in their current job
become ICF certified coaches
use coaching skills everyday
change their personal life

“Some weeks ago I attended a life coaching course at Lineo International Consulting. The course was held locally in Malta. Throughout the course I had the opportunity to learn the various aspects of life coaching while at the same see practical examples of how coaching is performed. The approach used was very welcoming and at the same time quite intense, making the experience very positive. Through the different activities delivered during the session and the assignments I worked on following the session, the tutor ensured commitment and learning.  At the end of the course I felt that I have acquired a very good grasp of the life coaching process and how this can help me in my day to day work.

Marti, the course tutor, is very knowledgeable in the areas and has a wealth of experience to share during the sessions. The insights provided during the course gives added value and makes it possible to link the theoretical part with the practicality of the course content. In addition, she is always ready to reply to queries and flexible in adapting the content to the student’s requirements.”


The Life Coach Course Is For You If:

  • You’re the person others turn to for advice and guidance.
  • You’re compassionate and open-hearted.
  • You have a bent for entrepreneurship or want to be more active in shaping your career.
  • Even if you’ve accomplished a great deal in the world, you need something more to satisfy your soul.
    You’ve read something about coaching and feel an uplifting “zing” inside or hear a little voice in your head saying, “I want to do THIS!
  • You’ve been through difficult and painful life events and want to help others with these life experiences.
  • You’re in job transition and looking to finally do your thing. For example, you’re a stay-at-home mom who wants to coach while your kids are in school, or you’re a professional counselor who wants to add powerful coaching tools to your repertoire, or you’re looking to coach in the corporate world.

“Meeting Marta for the 1st time was a very pleasant and friendly approach. The session started very smoothly into a more deep realistic conversation where Marta shows different aspect of life and possibilities of one’s process towards their desires. It was a great pleasure meeting up with Marta and looking forward to hearing more from her during her next visit to Malta in March.”


We are the right Life Coaching course for you if you want to:

• Work with your clients at a deeper and more meaningful level.
• Inspire your clients to live their very best life and learn to love themselves while doing so.
• Go beyond just simple goal setting and inspire your clients to focus on how they want to truly feel every day.
• Learn how to ask truly life changing questions.
• Be supported to find ‘your’ very special and unique way of coaching.
• Receive incredible attention, inspiration and guidance as you finally step into a career and business that you have always longed for.
• Learn from the very best in the coaching business.


practice during the courses


students graduate our courses during last years

I really enjoy this course. It helped me a lot with the knowledge about myself, of other people, and it was really useful to discover new questioning techniques. The most important, because of the practice, I understand much better how the coaching skills can be used in the day by day life.

I would like to recommend this course to anyone who wants to know themselves better or/and want to improve their communication in their personal and professional life. It was an amazing experience and I am very happy that I chose to attend this course.


S Toth Marta - Life Coach, Business Coach, NLP Trainer, Mediator Budapest Hungary

Course Trainer: Marta S. Toth

Certified Life & Business Coach (ICF)
International NLP Trainer (International Licensed by John Grinder & Frank Pucelik)
Business Trainer (International Licensed by John Grinder and Frank Pucelik)
Master Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy Practitioner
Trainer of Personal Development Programs (International Licensed by John Grinder and Frank Pucelik)
Developer and owner of Lineo CoachingTM
Certified & Accredited Mediator
International Trainer and Lecturer, Motivational Speaker, Communication Specialist
Founder of Coaching, NLP & Mediation International Academy

Marta’s Milestones so far:

     ☑️ 18.220 hours of practice (life & business coaching, NLP, hypnosis)
     ☑️ 6.275 hours of business trainings, presentations and from these
     ☑️ 1.270 hours of CSR trainings and mentoring
     ☑️ Business Development of 78 companies
     ☑️ 8 new professional diplomas in last 10 years
     ☑️ teaching as a lecturer at two academies
     ☑️ hundreds of written articles and videos
     ☑️ “viewed and touched” thousands of human souls
     ☑️ hundreds of lessons teach and learned


Life Coach Course Malta 11-16.12.2023.

Duration: 6 days
Moreover, there is now a possibility of participating in an additional 2-day intensive Business Coaching course

You can apply until 2023.11.25.

Course Fee:
Early Bird – €1800 (until 2023.09.30.)
Regular price – €2300
Additional 2 days Business Coaching: Plus €825

Additional discounts:
Bring a friend”: Register together with a friend and BOTH of you will receive a 10% discount on your course fee.
The more the merrier”: Are you from a company that would be interested in sending their employees? Or you have two or more friends who want to participate? In this case, please contact us, in order to agree on a special discount for you.

The Life Coach Course is also available for individuals in 1-to-1 sessions and can be hold at a date establish by both parts, at any place in Europe. Contact us if you would like to discuss about this option.

For more information, please use the contact form and we’ll answer you as soon as possible.

See you soon!

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