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S Toth Marta - Life Coach, Business Coach, NLP Trainer, Mediator Budapest Hungary

Dear visitor,

I am certain that you ask yourself the question why you should choose us or what it is you can achieve here that you cannot get anywhere else. The truth is that we won’t be able to meet everyone’s expectations as expectations are like us humans: different and diverse. Expectations must be talked about and should not be kept to ourselves. So, if you share what your expectations are of us or yourself we can help you get exactly what you want from us or from your own life. Would you like to know what our expectation is? We don’t want common clients, only champions. Clients, who want to develop further and have realized that in order to become exceptional and to achieve their dreams, they need coaching. We are only able to serve clients with expectations.

Maybe you heard about this motto: “Good things come to people who wait”. Maybe it is true… My life experience taught me something else: better things come to those who go out and get them. So maybe it is time to step out from the crowd and take attitude. If you have this feeling, be sure that I will be there for you. Your success is my success too.
Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

S. Toth Marta




Marta Toth is an interesting and interested Trainer and Coach, who gives all her energy and knowledge for her clients and projects.

Claudia Catharina Bonacker - Business Development for Professional Service Firms

We started a cooperation with Marta according to her high professionality in HR consulting business, especially in the field of coaching. She can build up a fantastic connection with the her business partners based on her personality. Marta is very reliable partner, I would highly recommend her to any one of my professional contact.

Endre Vojtek - CEO at Assessment Systems Hungary

Dear Marta,
I received the coaching sessions as Christmas present from my company . I felt immediately intrigued when I heard the term, but did not know what exactly I should expect.
I enjoyed coaching from the beginning. It was like having a nice cup of tea the with my best friend, who finally had enough time to pay attention to me, who was at the same time a professional to steer me towards the solutions of my problems.
I received help in these areas from Marta, who was like a close girlfriend, guiding me with clever tasks to clearly see what my world is and Iam really like. I can only recommend coaching to anyone brave enough to get to know themselves!

Kertész Jennifer

Once I finished coaching I realized that conditioning the mind is just as important as training the body for me. I do not mean learning here, but an external expert’s help, who can help to realign my way of thinking. The conversation was truly inspiring, I'm still under its influence. Thank you for the opportunity!

Kovács Edina ViasatTv

A 16 year- old's view on career coaching:
I can honestly say that I am lucky. I feel I am being understood by my family and friends, they support me, which means a lot to me. Even my friend's mother helps me when she can. She helped me to find Marti too, who helped me to realize that I had a lot of skills and abilities. She gave me an initial push to find out what it is I am interested in or I would be good at. Today, I believe in my skills and abilities I was only wondering about some time ago. I know that I still need to work on my self-confidence and self-assessment, but I know I am heading in the right direction.
Marta helped me to accept myself as I am, and I realised that I am not lost in this world at all. I know now which direction I should take, which way to move forward to and what it is I desire. The conversations gave me strength and self-confidence and I can definitely say that I am smiling a lot more and feel more at ease than before.

Rácz Anna

A highly focused and insightful coach with ample experience. Always full of energy, enthusiasm and certainly has the trans-formative and inspirational power you would look for!

Adam Reparszky - Coach in London, UK

Dear Marta and ther devoted team,
I can safely say that with your help I have set out on theroad of DESIRE TO GROW. Even though there were some tough moments during my "gently forced self-enquiry", I have much to be thankful for both to You and myself -as Dr Csernus said - "I dared to go down that road" ! Thank you for your attention and care, and your humane as well as professional approach.
In addition I would say that Marta can be mothering / womanly / mysterious if required , but she can also be firm /tough/ rational if needs be. She has both Yin and Yang energies in the right proportions. I have much to learn from her on both sides. She gently strokes me or "slaps me in the face" as needed, but in a way that you can't get mad at her. She is a true professional.
I am looking forward to the next "adventure", which will start in March for me. Of course this does not mean that I willwithdraw until then, especially that I want to take responsibility for my own life, so that I am not merely a spectator, but taking part in it actively! Bring it on! GO AHEAD!

Dr. Bittó Renáta, Teacher

About the group coaching: I can see more chances to build longer term and stern relatonship with clients. In terms of work relations between colleagues, I think everybody got closer to self-realization, therefore conflicts at the workplace will be resolved easier; we will create fewer problems, therefore more energy is reserved for work duties.

Farkas Enikő, TV2 Sales Manager

Even after the first session I startedlooking at my problems from an entirely different angle, even tough I had been fighting them for months and had been considering giving up at some point. The necessity of taking steps and making chages in both my private and professional life came at once, which I was able to see just after a few minutes into the session. This wouldn't have happened without the help of the coach. Sometimes we have to step out of our own mind games and thought processes aboutproblems, and see them from a different point of view. Later on in the session the activities helped me to express some thoughts and ideas that had been buried deepinside me for some time but were now, gathering in strength . In one word I am starting to take control over my lifeagain, which is the only way to achieve a change for the better in my life.

J. Erika, Marketing Manager

Dear Lineo Team,
I hope that in the near future others will share my opinion as well that this Team is truly professional, cohesive and reliable. Their business advice and coaching was a great step forward for me as a professional leader and a private persona s well. I wish all the best to the Team!

Kelemen Tibor, Manager